Syriac Fugato 3 (2023) – 5′

For Six Low Flutes (4alf. 2bfl.)
Or for Flute Choir (picc. 3. afl. bfl.)



Program Notes

Syriac Fugato 3 is the third work in a series of pieces for various chamber ensembles that deal with the same material. This series draws inspiration from Eugene O’Brien‘s Black Fugatos. What captures my imagination in O’Brien’s work is the seemingly independent time-layers of the various instruments in the ensemble–this sort of beautiful, organized chaos fascinates me. In my series, I employ a totally different technique to that of O’Brien’s controlled aleatory to achieve a comparable effect, all while crafting the work in my own aesthetic.

Syriac Fugato 3 was commissioned by Dr. Carla Rees, whom the piece is dedicated to. I am eternally grateful for all of her help, guidance, ideas and inspiration.

Syriac Fugato 3 was premiered by Rarescale Ensemble led by Carla Rees on September 5 2023  at St Mary’s Church, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. Please contact me for the score of the flute choir version.

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